Sickness Prevention

Aspirin may reduce chances of death from cancer

It has long been known that aspirin possesses anti-inflammatory properties and may be a powerful tool for sickness prevention. It's used to treat both minor ailments – such as headaches, fevers and muscle pain – and more significant health issues, including arthritis and even lupus. Now, a new study suggests that aspirin may also be capable of reducing the risk of cancer when taken regularly.

Conducted by researchers from the University of Oxford, the study monitored the instances of cancer among more than 35,000 patients who took a dose of aspirin daily. The results suggest that aspirin may be effective for fighting cancer. Over the course of three years, participants taking aspirin developed cancer nearly 25 percent less often than the controlled group. Over five years, the results were even more striking: only 92 of the aspirin-takers developed cancer, compared to 145 members of the control group.

As the results demonstrate, aspirin may make a significant difference in an individual's likelihood of developing cancer even in a short period of time, offering further evidence of aspirin's sickness prevention abilities.

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