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New study may yield insight into prostate cancer

Anyone looking to boost his prostate health may want to consider taking a natural prostate pill, as well as eating right and exercising. Additionally, a new study out of Marshall University studying the effects of cadmium on prostate cells may yield new insights into how cancerous tumors develop.

The study, published in the scientific journal PLoS One, focused on the differences in how cadmium, a carcinogenic metal, affected normal and cancer-ridden prostate cells. By carefully observing the development of cancer within the healthy cells, scientists hope to have gained a greater understanding of the underlying molecular aspects of cancer.

Pier Paolo Claudio, M.D. and PhD, explained that such an understanding is necessary if researchers are to develop more effective means of fighting and preventive cancer.

Until such treatments have been developed, it may be a good idea for anyone concerned with prostate health to eat healthy, exercise and minimize smoking and drinking. It may also help to add a natural prostate pill to your daily health regimen.

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