Colon Cleansing

Two-hour class improves colon cancer detection


Colon health is something that should be on the forefront of people's minds, which is why individuals want to be sure to eat right, visit the doctor for regular check-ups and even consider taking an herbal colon cleansing supplement. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic of Florida have discovered that a short training session greatly improves a physician's ability to spot precancerous polyps in a patient's colon.

"Colorectal cancer screening, which has been proven to save many lives, is steadily improving due to better detection of precancerous polyps, but this study shows us that more can be done," says first author Susan Coe, M.D.

Before taking the two-hour class, physicians at the Mayo Clinic of Florida were finding precancerous polyps in 36 percent of the patients they examined. After the session, the doctors were discovering polyps in 47 percent of individuals. This means that a short amount of time went a long way toward increasing the number people who learned that they may be at risk of cancer.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information states that when caught in the early stages, colon cancer can be completely curable. This training session may help physicians catch the disease sooner in more patients.

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