Colon Cleansing

African Americans dying of colon cancer at disproportionate rates


Individuals who are concerned about developing colon cancer should consider taking an herbal colon cleansing supplement to potentially boost the health of their colon. While the number of people dying from this disease has dropped considerably in the past two decades, the mortality rate seems to be dropping slower among African Americans.

The difference in rates is substantial. In 2007, the rate of mortality among African Americans was 44 percent higher than it was for Caucasians. This has lead American Cancer Society researchers to look for why this is happening.

According to the scientists, African Americans are historically less likely to get screened for colon cancer than Caucasians, and many of those who do get tested do not seem to follow up afterwords.There also appears to be a disparity in treatment effectiveness among these two groups.

This suggests that more efforts need to be made to encourage this community to get tested for colon cancer. This may require expanding access to testing facilities or starting an awareness campaign, suggested researchers. 

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