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Widowers may be in need of a new relationship to protect their mental health


When a person loses their spouse, it may be difficult for them to get back into the dating game. However, according to researchers from Sweden, finding a new relationship is the key to preserving the mental health of widowers. Taking an herbal male enhancement supplement could help men get the confidence they need to find another partner, which scientists say may reduce their risk of depression.

The researchers found that men who had lost their partner and are still single four to five years later have an increased chance of experiencing anxiety, depression and sleep disorders.

"Previous studies have shown that people who lose their partner are at greater short-term poor mental health," said researcher Gunnar Steineck. "Our study is the first to show that the risk of poor mental health last for many years but, on the average, the risk is restricted to those who don't find a new partner."

The scientists believe that emotional support provided by a new partner may be responsible for reducing the risk of depression. The researchers are planning further studies to determine any other underlying mechanisms behind their finding.

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