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Can you eat less to live more?

  Are you doing everything you can to live to a ripe old age? If so, then you probably exercise, eat right and take an herbal anti-aging supplement like a multivitamin from Herbal Groups. Another thing many people have tried to help them live longer is dietary restriction (DR), since some individuals believe that eating […] [...more]


Coffee may help grandpa get ripped

  Getting older doesn't mean you have to get weak. There are many elderly individuals that still workout and stay fit, likely because they eat right and do other things that help boost health, such as taking an herbal anti-aging supplement like a mulitvitamin from Herbal Groups. Another thing you may want to do to […] [...more]


How can fish help your brain?

  A major part of healthy aging is keeping the memory sharp. This is why if you want to stay in good health as you get older, you should take an herbal anti-aging supplement like a daily multi-vitamin from Herbal Groups, and eat plenty of fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids. That's because omega-3s have […] [...more]


Hit the gym to help keep the body and the brain in shape

  Everyone wants to stay sharp and fit as they age, which is why many people take an herbal anti-aging supplement such as Naturally Young products from Herbal Groups. A recent study from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan suggests that another way to combat aging could be to exercise, since working […] [...more]

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You gotta have friends for healthy aging

  There are many ways you can help boost your health as you get older. For example, you can eat right, continue to get regular physical activity and take a natural anti-aging supplement. You can also focus on your mental health and relationships with loved ones, which may impact your well-being when you're older. According […] [...more]


Want a long life? Get more vitamin D

  If you're concerned about staying fit as you get older, you should get regular exercise, eat healthy foods and consider taking an herbal anti-aging supplement that includes vitamin D. According to a recent study from researchers at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, elderly individuals who take vitamin D with calcium may have a longer […] [...more]


Aging doesn’t have to kill your sex life

  Just because you're getting older doesn't have to mean that your sex life has to be in jeopardy. Natural pills such as herbal male enhancement supplements may help you regain your confidence in the sack, even as you age. Also, a little knowledge can go a long way in helping you prepare for the […] [...more]

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Eat your fruits and veggies for a longer life

  If you want to stay healthy as you age – and really, who doesn't? –  then you should consider taking an herbal anti-aging supplement, eating fruits and vegetables and getting regular exercise. While you probably know that eating right and working out can keep you in shape while you're young, many people forget how […] [...more]


How much vitamin D is enough for elderly?

  Individuals who want to stay healthy as they get older should consider taking an herbal anti-aging supplement, along with eating right and getting regular exercise. Older people should also be sure to maintain their vitamin D levels, as having adequate amounts of this nutrient is important to overall health. In the past few years, […] [...more]


Drink up to fight off aging

  Do you enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner? If you do, then you're in luck, because a recent study has confirmed that resveratrol, an ingredient in red wine, may have life-extending abilities. This means that individuals who want to boost their health as they get older may want to consider drinking red […] [...more]