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Herbal Groups has created a strong lineup of products to help each and every person be their best. Utilizing state of the art manufacturing processes and a streamlined distribution process we can deliver our products and goods to your door quickly and efficiently.

When we began, our pledge was simple — with life expectancy growing for every new generation, how can we provide a variety of high-quality, hard-to-find ingredients that will extend the average lifespan even further!

Male Potency

Herbal Performance PlusHerbal Performance Plus is now the 1st name in male potency enhancement. Over 15 years in the making and thoroughly researched to find the finest quantities and qualities of not one, not two, but over 20 rare ingredients that work together to provide the strongest male erections – without a prescription! The rare and exotic ingredients in every Herbal Performance Plus tablet are designed to increase libido and stimulate hard-core blood flow to the penis. As your blood pumps into the penile chambers, the penis is engorged with greater size and strength.
The strongest ingredients money can buy: Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine, Yohimbe, Maca, Long Jack, and many, many more.
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Herbal VirilityHerbal Virility- This is the original male enhancement pill that started a revolution in the male performance and sexual strength industry. The ingredients in every powerful Herbal Virility tablet have long been researched to show an advanced and increased measure of blood flow into the penile cavities. Increased blood flow produces longer, stronger, harder erections than ever before. Get the satisfaction you deserve. Herbal Virility is fully guaranteed or your money back.

Elexan PatchElexan Patch – As men age they often experience a slow down or a lack of “performance” in the bedroom. We have found a simple and easy to use solution. The Elexan Patch provides a carefully selected blend of ingredients that can provide a rock hard solution when you need it most. Many of the hand-selected ingredients have long been researched for their ability to increase sexual stamina and satisfy your partner like never before. The herbs helps promote erectile strength, tissue response and enhance recovery time. Click here to order.

Mega ResultsMega Results is one of our flagship products. Featuring the well-known herb Yohimbe this blend of herbs gives sexually active men a boost in erectile performance. We encourage all potential customers to do some research on sexual dysfunction before making a decision. We’ll be here and awaiting your return to place an order. You can get a free 30-day supply by buying a two-month supply. Save $50.00! Call 1-800-434-7129 to order today.

Weight Loss

Diet Max Patch Diet Max Patch contains a unique formula of ingredients that were hand selected to help provide the best results for the most people. It simply works better because it is a patch, not a pill. Pills get diluted during the digestion process and the effective ingredients are often lost. Not so with the Diet Max Patch. The all-natural ingredients are delivered directly into your body just like a nicotine or pain relief patch. Using a patch keeps a steady and consistent flow of the product in your system thereby maximizing your weight loss goals. Click here to order.

Body Sculpt Rx Body Sculpt Rx Body Sculpt Rx is a high-powered combination of hand-selected ingredients designed to help you shed unwanted pounds. It’s easy to use and guaranteed effective. In addition to Vitmains B-6 and B-12 each pill also contains a proprietary blend of Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana, Eleuthero, Green Tea extract, Maca and other all natural herbs. This unique blend is designed to curb your appetite and give you a jump start towards portion control throughout your day. All of our products have a 30 day money back guarantee so rest assured, we have you covered. For a limited time we’re offering a great deal on this product no matter what your budget is! Act today to get started towards losing weight this year. Call 1-800-434-7129 to order today.


Brain Fuel RX The scientifically studied ingredients in the daily dosage of Brain Fuel RX are designed to enhance cognitive function by improving memory, focus, learning abilities and energy. Call 1-800-434-7129 to order today.

Healthy Living AntioxidantsIn today’s increasingly polluted planet, it’s important to filter out the carcinogens with a daily routine of antioxidants supplements. Healthy Life Antioxidants provides fortitude to the internal organs and bolsters the body’s immunity. Call 1-800-434-7129 to order today.

Prostalex Plus Prostalex Plus – Prostalex Plus provides support to maintain a healthy prostate.

Lubra Joint Lubra Joint is an all-natural supplement that helps reduce joint pain.

Lubra Joint Colon Cleansing – Intra Cleanse has been scientifically formulated to promote gentle and effective detoxification and cleansing of the intestinal lining, colon, liver and other cells while eliminating parasites. The natural ingredients in Intra Cleanse are traditionally used to cleanse the bowel and detoxify the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and lymph nodes. Call 1-800-434-7129 to order today.

Arthro-Ease Arthro Ease provides a new ingredient delivery system in the form of a patch that helps reduce joint pain. Get your life moving again! Call 1-800-434-7129 to order today.