Can ejaculation prevent cancer?

Prostate health is vitally important to all men. As men age the prostate gland can increase in size causing numerous issues including frequent urination and getting up to ‘go’ at night. However, a more serious problem, cancer, can attack the prostate resulting in major troubles. According to an article at HarvardProstateKnowledge.org posted frequent ejaculation may […] [...more]


Prostate Health Remedies

As men age their prostate gland can increase in size causing frequent urination, incomplete elimination, and a feeling of “having to” all the time. However, nature has solutions that can provide real results if you just take charge and let them work for you. Healthline.com has compiled 6 solutions you can try to get your […] [...more]

Help yourself live to be 100 years old with these suggestions

Prostate Trouble

As men age there is an increased risk of prostate trouble flaring up. The prostate is a gland that generally begins to cause symptoms after the age of 50. Trouble urinating or having to “go” are common. It’s wise to get educated and learn about what the problems are and what can be done to […] [...more]

Regardless of the cause, talk to your doctor about ED

Simple Exercises Relieve Incontinence

Relieve incontinence with simple exercise routines. [...more]

Stress less before you age faster

Stress – We All Deal With It But Are You Really Doing It Right?

Stress among men is growing concern in our modern lifestyle. A man’s health can be seriously affected by stress. Heart disease, diabetes, weakened immunity are all debilitating problems caused by stress. Check out these helpful tips for getting your stress under control. Your health depends on it. 10 Ways For Men To Reduce Stress. [...more]

Beware of fake erectile dysfunction drugs

The 7 Best Supplements to Support Your Training

Working out and training hard can give you a great boost in health and vitality. Adding effective nutritional supplements to your protocol can blast your results even higher. Check out the top 7 right now. [...more]

Health Canada warns of increased risk of prostate cancer from hair loss drugs

New Product! Herbal Performance Plus

We’re proud to announce the launch of our latest product for men. Herbal Performance Plus contains a striking blend of herbs that were carefully selected to create results. Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine, Yohimbe, Maca, and Long Jack are just a few of the natural herbs that drive this potent supplement. This truly a breakthrough formula […] [...more]

Get your muscles back with Testalex Plus

Testosterone Is Vital To Men’s Health

Testosterone. If you’re a male you have it flowing throughout your body. It helps you stay strong, grow facial hair, and is responsible for your sexual performance. As men age their libido may dip and their partner may question the lack of desire. Could it be Low T or Man-o-pause? It could be, or there […] [...more]

Why the brain is the most important sex organ

Why the brain is the most important sex organ

  If you've been experiencing some problems in the boudoir, then it may be time to take an herbal male enhancement supplement from Herbal Groups to help boost your confidence and in bed. Another thing you may want to do is pay more attention to the most important part of your body when it comes […] [...more]

Running to the bathroom at night? Your weight may be the problem

Running to the bathroom at night? Your weight may be the problem

  If you're a man who wants to boost the health of his prostate, then consider taking a herbal prostate supplement such as Prostalex Plus from Herbal Groups. While you're shopping for this supplement, you may also want to pick up and herbal diet supplement if you are at risk of prostate problems. That's because […] [...more]