Body-produced sugar might hurt long-term memory

The negative mental effects of aging may be reduced by regularly taking a natural anti-aging supplement to promote brain function. Additionally, new research suggests that blocking a chemical sugar produced by the human body may yield long-term memory benefits.

The sugar, O-GlcNAc (pronounced "oh-glick-nack"), performs several health-related functions within the body, all occurring at the basic, cellular level. However, research now suggests that a negative effect of O-GlcNAc may be decreased memory function. Consequently, if the sugar can be blocked, long-term memory performance may improve.

While this is encouraging, the researchers behind the study, conducted jointly at the California Institute of Technology and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, are cautious in their interpretation of the results. Head researcher Linda Hsieh-Wilson, Ph.D., explained that there are still questions regarding how blocking the sugar would affect humans, since the research was conducted on mice. It's possible, she said, that it may ultimately not prove effective for people.

Anyone who is currently concerned about his or her long-term memory may want to consider a natural anti-aging supplement, while regularly engaging with memory-based challenges and games. Keeping the brain active has been shown to reduce the natural decline of memory function that most people experience as they age.

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