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Massage may relieve muscle inflammation


Being an athlete, or even simply lifting weights regularly, can take a toll on body. The muscle soreness that comes with working out can get worse as individuals get older. Athletes, or anyone who exercises regularly may want to take an herbal joint supplement to keep their body healthy as they age.

Recently, researchers from McMaster University have determined that getting a 10-minute massage not only relieves muscle pain, but actually reduces the inflammation that's causing the discomfort.

"The main thing, and what is novel about our study, is that no one has ever looked inside the muscle to see what is happening with massage, no one looked at the biochemical effects or what might be going on in the muscle itself," said researcher Justin Crane, a doctoral student in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster.

The scientists said a short massage can trigger biochemical sensors that send signals to the muscle cells that reduce inflammation. This is an important finding, since it suggests that massage may be an effective, drug-free way to relieve muscle inflammation.

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