Diet and Weight Loss

Researchers determine that obesity alone may cause pain


As people get older, their joints may begin to feel the painful sting of arthritis, a condition that affects most individuals by the time they're 70. Taking an herbal joint health supplement may help stave off the effects of this disorder, and there are also lifestyle changes that people can make that may potentially relieve joint pain.

For example, overweight or obese people are putting added pressure on their joints, which may be responsible for some of the discomfort they feel. Recently, researchers from Stony Brook University have found a strong connection between obesity and pain, and have determined that the heaviest people are likely to report feeling the most severe pain.

Furthermore, the scientists discovered that obesity alone may cause pain, regardless of whether another condition is present. Researchers analyzed the answers of more than a million respondents surveyed via telephone.  Study participants were asked many questions about their condition, including if they "experienced pain yesterday."

"We found that 'pain yesterday' was definitely more common among people with diseases that cause bodily pain. Even so, when we controlled for these specific diseases, the weight-pain relationship held up. This finding suggests that obesity alone may cause pain, aside from the presence of painful diseases," said study authors.

This suggests that individuals who experience pain may want to consider losing a few pounds, perhaps by taking an herbal diet supplement.

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