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Researchers use math to treat cancer

Taking an herbal prostate supplement is something that most men should consider, especially when they take into account that cancer in that area of the body claims 34,000 lives in the U.S. each year, according to the National Cancer Institute. Recently, researchers have developed a mathematical model that may be able to eventually guide doctors through treating advanced prostate cancer by helping predict how an individual's disease will respond to medication. 

The hope for this mathematical model is that it will eventually be able to show how cancer cells are mutating and how tumors are responding to various therapies.

"Once you have an idea about that for the short or medium term, the model could predict the optimal therapy for that patient," said researcher Harsh Jain.

Advanced prostate cancer is very difficult to treat, as is any form of this disease when it has sufficiently progressed. Wasting time on treatments that are not going to be effective reduces an individual's chances of surviving.

Scientists believe that this model could someday help doctors recognize if a therapy is not going to work, so they can put a patient on a different course of treatment.  

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